About Black Cat Jo

Welcome to Black Cat Jo, designed and handcrafted by me, Joanna Luge. Growing up in South Florida and spending every summer day on the beach, I developed a love for swimwear, which led me to making them for myself and my friends. I've always had a love for anything Americana mid century, probably due to my dad taking me thrift store shopping back in the 80's when mid century anything was a dime a dozen. That's where my love of music, fashion, cars, architecture and anything else from the 1940's through the 1970's developed. So naturally I melded my love of mid century and fashion, and created this fusion of cool,  retro, pinup style swimwear and apparel with a modern twist. 
I custom design and manufacture quality swimwear, competition wear/bikinis, costumes, and clothing for ALL body shapes and sizes. Whether you have 30" hips or 80" hips, I can make something fabulous for everyone. Setting no limits or boundaries, and always open-minded to new projects. If you are looking to have something custom made or maybe you have a favorite dress or swimsuit that's bit the dust and would like it reproduced, contact me to discuss custom work: blackcatjoboutique@gmail.com 
All swimwear and apparel are individually made to order, right here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Never mass-produced, and using only top quality fabrics. My swimwear will last several years with the right care.
Proudly made in the USA.