Welcome to Tropicana Couture!

Welcome to Tropicana Couture where we individually custom make unique, quality swimwear, yoga wear, and clothing. Customers can choose their bikini tops & bottom styles, fabrics, and provide measurements for a customized swimsuit! Tropicana Couture is designed and handcrafted by Joanna Luge. Although she has always had a passion for fashion, in high school she spent every summer day at the beach and developed a passion for swimwear. Due to her petite stature and barely 5' tall, she was always in need of altering her clothing and swimsuits, so that's when she decided to make bikinis for herself. She has worked for local swimwear companies and has had the pleasure of working with Cirque Du Soleil wardrobe department during their tours in Miami. Joanna is self taught and has been designing and sewing for over 25 years, making custom swimwear, yoga wear, competition wear/bikinis, costumes, and clothing for women of ALL body shapes and sizes. She believes everyone should feel comfortable in a swimsuit, no matter what size you are. Whether you have 30" hips or 70" hips, she can make something fabulous for everyone. She sets no limits or boundaries, and is always open-minded to new projects. She has a wide-ranged clientele from sun worshippers, surfers, pinups, jet setters, athletes, performers, you name it! 
If you are looking to have something custom made or maybe you have a favorite swimsuit that's bit the dust and would like it reproduced, contact Joanna to discuss custom work:  tropicanacouture@gmail.com

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