Caring for Your Swimsuit

Tips on how to care for your new swimsuit!

Our swimsuits can last several years with the right care. If you want your new swimsuit to have a long life, always hand wash your swimsuit in cold water, using a mild dish soap, then lay flat (especially larger swimsuits) or hang to dry in the shade. The dish soap helps break down oils and lotions. Wash your swimsuit after every use, especially after being in a chlorinated swimming pool or hot tub. Never put your swimsuit in the washing machine and never wring it out. You can do this, but you're shortening the life by doing that. All swimwear fabric is delicate and made of nylon with tiny elastics that will break, deteriorate over time in a spin cycle, stretching out and weakening the fabric. 

Avoid sitting on or leaning up against abrasive surfaces such as pool ledges and anything with velcro, as these things will snag and ruin your swimsuit. If you get a snag on your swimsuit, you can use your fingernail to scratch the back of the fabric behind where the snag is. This will usually pull the snag out.

Although we use the best swimwear fabrics available on the market, the brighter colors will naturally fade faster than the darker colors. 

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